50 Days and 50 Ways – #19


Deliver a new multi-year support deal for the Somerset Celebration of Literature

Today the 2016 Somerset Celebration of Literature kicks off again for another year, with more than 20,000 tickets to all events and all functions sold out making it the biggest ever held. Well done to the team.

Events like the Somerset Celebration of Literature drive the cultural agenda of the city, raise the reputation of our city nationally as a place of intellect and learning, and inspire young Gold Coasters to be creative writers and activate their imagination. Somerset College fly authors in from all over the world for the event and the results are inspiring. Literary lunches, poetry competitions, short story workshops and author QandA’s all make up the event. Each year, groups of indigenous students from isolated communities are funded to visit, connecting them to a world sometimes foreign to them, experiencing the Gold Coast for the first time, and opening up a world of reading and writing. The social and education outcomes can be spectacular.

owen jones SCoL picThis year the Celebration visited Helensvale Library and Cultural Centre, sharing the event around the city, and partnered strategically with the Bleach* Festival to expand their cultural offerings into the literary sphere. Of course, patrons and visitors for Somerset Celebration of Literature are likely to visit a variety of Bleach events as well, making the partnerships particularly strategic and advantageous for the city.

You should Vote 1 TOZER on March 19 to see support for this important event continue and expand into the cultural calendar for the city.

To find out more visit this link.

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