50 Days and 50 Ways – #22


Stay on the job at least until 2020.

I want there to be no confusion about this. If elected on March 19 I will see through the next local government term to 2020. When elected in 2012 I made a commitment that I would limit myself to 2 or probably 3 terms, if the division decides to keep me on, and I will honour that promise with the pending approval of the public at elections.

There has been some gossip around that I have political aspirations at a federal or state level. I want to dispel those rumours. I have personally written to both Ros Bates MP for Mudgeeraba and The Hon Karen Andrews MP for McPherson and categorically ruled out any interest in federal or state seats of Parliament until my children are much older. I have spoken to Scott Buchholz MP for Wright and let him know too. I love working with our local representatives and even when we disagree it has been encouraging to see give and take, and a collaborative working relationship develop over time. This is good for the division and for the city.


It’s almost frustrating to have to make this commitment. People who know me know I stay committed to a task when I apply myself. If I abandon a task or redirect myself, there is always a good reason relating to health or safety. My sons John (7yrs), Edward (almost 5yrs) and Emerson (almost 3yrs) are very dear to me and I couldn’t bear being away from them in Brisbane or Canberra for extended periods of time while they are so young.

I love leading this city and we’ve still got work to do. Vote 1 TOZER on March 19 and let’s drive our city ambitiously into the next decade.

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