50 Days and 50 Ways – #20


Continue support and advocacy for Kokoda Challenge and strike a long term support deal that recognises the tourism and social benefit of the event

Doug Henderson OAM is quite the legend. The Kokoda Youth Foundation is a great organisation delivering fantastic outcomes for young people at risk, and recognising veterans, and Doug’s work has been nothing short of fantastic.

#20 in our 50 Days and 50 Ways campaign is to strike a multi-year deal for support of the event, and deliver certainty to their organisation for the future enabling the good work they do to continue.


The Kokoda Challenge traverses 96 kilometres of Hinterland terrain and attracts 2000-300 participants each year. It’s a great tourism activity for our little village who hosts the starting line, but also profiles wonderful Hinterland walks and brings participants out to practice and train, activating our economy as they visit.

You should #Vote1TOZER on March 19 to see the event continue and thrive, and acknowledge Doug Henderson endorsement of the event in Division 9 under my advocacy since 2012.

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