50 Days and 50 Ways – #24


Support local Landcare groups in Austinville, Springbrook, Numinbah and Bonogin

The work of Austinville Landcare champions Wal and Heather Mayr was recognised recently as they were awarded Environmental Champions for the Gold Coast at the 2016 Australia Day Awards ceremony.

wal-heather-mayr-lgThis work is significant as they not only lead their own Austinville group, but were instrumental in support for the Bonogin Valley Bushcare Group, delivered several years of programs on their own properties through NCAP grant assistance (which significantly lowers the weed management burden of Council on adjacent public land), and enable and encourage other Landcare groups and environmental groups in the city.

Support for environmental advocates like Wal and Heather MUST continue. What I particularly like about their approach is it’s practicality and purpose, and the way they rally the community together, delivering a social benefit as well as an environmental one.

The Bonogin Valley Bushcare Group is starting the same way. As the President of the Bonogin Valley Community Association we always had a little interest in tree planting and weed management, but never the wherewithal or skills to consistently bring like-minded gardeners and environmentalists together on a regular basis. Off the back of Kathy Banks work, with the support of Wal and Heather and NAMU leader Saraya Robinson, that’s all changed and some great work is being recognised on the banks of the Bonogin Creek and throughout Davenport Park and surrounds, where riparian zones need reparation.

bonogin bushcare

In Springbrook and Numinbah, unique challenges are faced head-on and we’ve been proud to help support some of the work there too.

Each year I allocate $15,000 in supplementary Local Area Works funding to these groups to help resource and promote their work. This allocation must continue over coming years and my commitment is that while I’m Councillor we’ll keep up the pressure to help these groups attract external funding and deliver projects that keep our beautiful area in top top environmental shape.

Vote 1 TOZER on March 19 to support local Landcare groups.

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