50 Days and 50 Ways – #25


Continue to advocate for the arts/cultural sector on the Gold Coast

The national and global reputation of the Gold Coast is close to my heart, and I know many other residents care deeply for how we’re regarded across the nation and around the world. Since being elected in 2012, I’ve been passionate about using my experience and skills from my time in the corporate world, both in media/arts and in advertising/marketing/telecoms, to leverage an improved reputation of our great city. While my contribution is only small, it sets the tone for others to contribute selflessly too for the betterment of the city, and many who see my advocacy for the arts, and initiatives across the Hinterland, might consider ways they can augment the work already going on with their own resources. This is already happening!


You might wonder why we bother, but the premise behind this advocacy for the arts is two-fold;

  1. A drive to attract people to the city for cultural tourism – In a competitive tourism market where visitors choose destinations based on their recreational interests, we’ve got the beach & theme park options locked up across the nation. This strength is assured. But when it comes to arts and culture, places like Melbourne, Adelaide and Tasmania, are thriving, presenting a unique opportunity to steal some of that market share in a sector where the Gold Coast has not traditionally been strong. If we can build our reputation as a destination where live music, theatre, and performance art thrives amongst critically acclaimed galleries, NEW visitors will consider our city as a tourist destination growing and supporting our already very capable accommodation and hospitality industries.
  2. A drive to inspire young and old Gold Coasters to create art that inspires the world, around the world – The reputation of our city is determined, at least to some extent, by the regard others have for the work of our artists OUTSIDE the city. Part of that falls to us to support them while they’re here, offering a platform locally on which they can leverage greater success.

The work I’ve been doing in the cultural/arts scene has value for the city, particularly due to my relatively prominent profile as a young city leader. That work includes;

somerset-bleachThis work is important for the city and needs your support.

Vote 1 TOZER on March 19 to see this work continue as we do our best to create a wonderfully creative environment for artists to innovate and make music, while attracting visitors from around the country and the world who are intrigued that the Gold Coast might not be at all what they thought, and considerably more artistically appealing and strikingly theatrical as a tourist destination.

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