50 Days and 50 Ways – #26


Continue to advocate for the technology sector on the Gold Coast

From the moment I was elected it’s been my mission to get my hands dirty advocating for and enabling the technology sector on the Gold Coast. Having managed over $30million in advertising and marketing campaigns, and event management activities, for over a decade in the corporate sector, I’ve had something to offer start-ups and SMEs. Partnered with the very apparent reality that our city’s economy must diversify if it’s to be more resistant to global market fluctuations, there were many opportunities to speak and mentor for a sector in it’s infancy.

Gold Coast StartUp Weekend, managed by Robina’s Silicon Lakes, was the first port o’ call in 2013 (July and November), where I helped out as a judge, scrutinising a bunch of exciting new technology ideas from budding entrepreneurs. The guys from TechTidal wrote this review on the event, for those who are interested. StartUp Weekends have continued and I’ve been proud to continue to be involved in different ways, and our Gold Coast community hosts events here in our city and regularly travels to support or participate in other cities.

Bond University’s Demo Day in 2014 was another such opportunity and I was glad to help out with advocacy in this produced video piece, promoting Bond’s work and the momentum being driven in the city.



In 2015 I was really pleased to be interviewed by Tasnuva Bindi of StartUp Daily, after the 2015 Startup Muster National Report rated me 3rd in Australia amongst politicians advocating for the startup industry.

The article spoke positively about the work being done to collaborate with other cities, while strongly advocating for the reputation of our city as a leader when it comes to entrepreneurship, and it’s attraction to business leaders due to it’s quality of life.

Tozer, who considers himself a ‘cheerleader’ for startups and the broader startup ecosystem, worked in sales and marketing for 15 years, which gave him practical experience in how to build and serve a customer base. His belief is we focus more on acquiring customers than raising external capital. After all, customers are the only investors that startups don’t have to pay back. And funny enough, that’s what Australian investors are looking for; they’d rather invest in a startup that doesn’t require investment.

Opmantek-Awards-Oct-31-2013-468x263I was also proud to assist with Griffith University’s Opmantek Industry Technology Prize over a number of years, working closely with key technology business leader Danny Maher (whose software management company now has customers all around the world after relocating to the Gold Coast some years ago, having been offered incentives by the City of Gold Coast).

Bond’s Demo Day in 2015 presented another opportunity for advocacy, after a number of focus groups and forums hosted by Bond University. The Bond Business Accelerator plays a critical role in attracting international and local students to entrepreneurship, and particularly technology entrepreneurship which is front of mind for many young people as we try to build a foundation of strong, skilled business leaders in our city for the future.

The city continues to need strong advocacy in this area and you should Vote 1 TOZER on March 19 to see that occur.

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