50 Days and 50 Ways – #27


Solve the traffic issues at Clover Hill Drive

The inherited challenges of the division have plagued our office over the past 4 years. Without wanting to apportion blame on any particular level of government, or any previous representative, the biggest issues we’ve faced since 2012 have been those created by poor planning, poor communication, and non-collaborative action plans that failed to have buy-in from necessary stakeholders.

One of these tough challenges has been the delivery of state school infrastructure that failed to adequately plan for preliminary approvals already in place for urban development nearby. Many of our local schools struggle with traffic congestion at school drop-off and pick-up times and none are really immune from frustrated motorists who communicate with our office when congestion reaches boiling point. One of the curses of having an accessible and engaging office, keen to deliver good customer service, is that even when we aren’t really responsible for the problem, we take it upon ourselves to find the solution, and then the public’s expectations lift based on previous positive outcomes.

Clover Hill Drive’s congestion at school time is just one of these such issues.

The congestion at school times can be intense and with recent increased traffic caused by the fantastic improvement to the sports facilities of Somerset College that the whole community will enjoy, and the development of Clover Hill Terraces adjacent Clover Hill State School, vehicle movements have increased in volume and the community is admittedly frustrated.

Adding weight to the issue is my commitment to address the issue, but finding that although we’ve discussed solutions with school leadership at Somerset and Clover Hill, tried to change drop-off times for the two schools, adjusted parking and drop-off areas, restructured signage, and attempted to promote more public transport for students, it’s become evident that only an infrastructure solution will solve the problem.

Clover Hill Issues

Identified issues at Clover Hill Drive. (report courtesy Bitzios via UPS)

The developer of Clover Hill Terraces also took it upon themselves at my request to analyse the problem and make a series of recommendations which we’ve used to help develop some strategies for solutions. Some of the proposed solution form part of this election commitment, #27 in our #50days50ways promotion.

Clover Hill upgrades

Recommended upgrades at Clover Hill Drive. (report courtesy Bitzios via UPS)

My commitment includes;

  • Cost and deliver the widening of the dog leg entry/exit to Clover Hill Drive, meaning two lanes, left exit to the slip lane and right exit via lights, can concurrently queue on exit onto Somerset Drive.
  • Costing and design for a pedestrian/bicycle overpass or bridge from Wyangan Valley Way to Emerson Drive
  • Incorporation of possible exit for Sara Carrigan Way to Bonogin Rd, if possible, via the Area of Investigation process for North Bonogin Road in the new city plan.
  • Imposition of a new road delivery between Clover Hill Drive and Lancashire Drive when the final stage of Jabiru/Clover Hill ultimately materialises as part of the long-term urban plan for the area.
  • Work for the signalisation of the intersection of Gemvale Rd and Somerset Drive, replacing the roundabout, for more streamlined traffic movements at key times
  • Promote public transport use constantly and active travel solutions for students encouraging their families to avoid the use of cars.

You should Vote 1 TOZER on March 19 to see these solutions delivered in Clover Hill Drive and enable me to follow through on the work already done to help traffic move more smoothly through the area, out to Robina and Mudgeeraba, particularly at school times.

Higher Resolution PDFs of the images above can be downloaded below;

Clover Hill Issues

Clover Hill upgrades

(Note: Permission was granted by Michael Nash (Director, UPS) for use of these images and reports for the benefit of the public.)

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