50 Days and 50 Ways – #28


Keep our promises and work on project delivery continually

Before the election in 2012, I published a list of priorities and policies, and distributed it to the division. It included a variety of issues that had been raised with me as I was knocking on doors (about 4000) from November 2011.

Some of the issues were as simple as ensuring an acknowledgement or receipt of email was sent to people who communicated with us. We implemented an automatic reply policy so if my PA received an email or letter from a resident, we responded directly to let the writer know. We weren’t always able to return calls within 72 hours as promised but did our best with all communication, and we estimated a 99% strike rate on our commitment.


Some of the issues were more complex, requiring negotiation with other levels of government, impacted by electoral changes at federal and state level. Advocacy on matters like improvements to the state’s Worongary Rd had tangible and significant impacts on our local government budget and future planning and so, while the groundwork is done in preparation, the right commitment from the state is necessary in order for the council to take the lead, if that indeed is the ultimate outcome. Frankly, the priorities of the state need to be owned by the state government, in my view, so matters like state roads, public transport, bulk water, state owned land like the Hinze Dam and National Parks, really need to remain the domain of the state government.

Residents have asked me to report back to them, and here is that report. There is more work to be done, and those we have fallen short on will continue to be worked on.


We’ll also make a new list but my commitment, #28 in this series, is to keep the promises we made in 2012 and continue to work on their delivery. You should Vote 1 TOZER on March 19 if you want to help me see these commitments through.

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