50 Days and 50 Ways – #32


Complete a full Mudgeeraba parking audit and strategy

One curse of economic success can be traffic congestion. In a chicken and egg conundrum, do you fix the problems in anticipation of success or do you retro-fit a solution once you better understand consumer trends and behaviours? This has become a challenge for Mudgeeraba Village, Gilston, Bonogin, and Highland Park, with unexpected traffic challenges being a product of our Hinterland becoming a popular place to live and work, and in the case of the Village to shop and enjoy the hospitality.

In the case of Gilston and Bonogin, where the appeal of living has attracted more cars and unfortunately more hoons, the state government and police are promoting Hoon Watch, a program tailored to track and attack these problems. We support Hoon Watch, but we’re also working on improving signage, considering traffic calming in certain safe locations, and monitoring reports in consultation with Police.

Ros Bates MP champions the Hoon Watch program locally, in partnership with Police

Ros Bates MP champions the Hoon Watch program locally, in partnership with Police

In the case of Highland Park, where speeding and troubling vehicle behaviour has caused an inordinate amount of accidents, we’ve allocated $100,000 in the 15-16 financial year, plus further expenditure in coming years, in a strategic attempt to introduce calming devices, such as speed bumps and raised intersections, to quiet suburban streets, for what is colloquially known as the “Slow Down Highland Park” project.

In Mudgeeraba Village where business is thriving, business owners are excited about the future and Terry Herbert, owner of the Mudgeeraba Market Shopping Centre, offered this testimonial;

Our business has never been more successful, Glenn. Since your election in 2012 we’ve had strong interest in any tenancies, we’ve been supported with promotional activities that are good for the Village and we’ve been proud to support community events even when they’re not aligned with our centre. We hope you stay on and keep the Village going!

My commitment is to deliver a full audit of parking assets and behaviour for the coming term. There are actually quite a number of parks, private and public, and reconciling where they are and what their usage is like will hopefully mean all businesses can work together to optimise parking solutions for our main community hub. Once the audit is complete and habits are analysed, it could be that we’re able to amend parking limits to assist with optimisation, rearrange models to incentivise the use of particular parks that might enhance economic impact, or utilise improved signage to help inform residents of parking spots they might not otherwise be aware of.

I’m committed to seeing the Village continue to thrive, and suburbs be safe for homeowners, residents and pedestrians, and you should #Vote1Tozer on March 19 to see this parking audit delivered and a collaborative, strategic solution for traffic devised as we approach 2020

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