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Deliver the Mudgeeraba Creek pedestrian bridge solution

In wet weather the option for pedestrians, particularly students attending Mudgeeraba Creek State School, along Franklin Drive (Springbrook Road) are limited. As many know, traffic during school pick-up and drop-off times can be congested and during rain the previous council and subsequently this council utilised traffic controllers on the main road,  diverting people around the flooded “bridge” (really just a causeway/dip-crossing) that traverses Mudgeeraba Creek. The dip crossing also gets wet and slippery, well after the rain event and the shaded environment could contribute to ongoing safety issues. This issue had to be fixed.

When I was elected in 2012 work commenced on assessing a better solution. Not long after residents wrote to me regarding the issue, we abandoned the costly estimate for a separate bridge over the causeway/dip-crossing. The vehicle bridge already had the capability to withstand significant rainfall events and it was determined to duplicate this sort of flood immunity was prohibitively expensive. It was determined that the best solution was to attach a “gantry style” bridge to the existing vehicle bridge.

We negotiated with state government and manipulated our own budgets a little bringing forward some capital funds into an earlier financial year to see the solution delivered. I’m proud to say the project should be completed by June 2016.

Projects like this are a good reason why you should Vote 1 TOZER at the coming election. I’m proud to have represented the interests of local residents and particularly the family and friends of families who send their children to Mudgeeraba Creek State School. I’d love to see this project through to completion and continue working for residents on other similar projects, such as the traffic and pedestrian solutions at Clover Hill Drive impacting Clover Hill State School.

franklin ped bridge

The engineering department issued this statement about the project late in 2015;

The City of Gold Coast is building a new pedestrian bridge over Mudgeeraba Creek and its overland flow channel (adjacent to existing road bridge and major road culverts respectively). This project will also involve the modification of traffic signals to upgrade and include a new pedestrian facility across Gold Coast-Springbrook Road (which is commonly known as Franklin Drive in this location.

The works also consist of a 200 metre long shared path along Gold Coast – Springbrook Road from the intersection of Hardys Road and across Mudgeeraba Creek. The 2 meter wide shared path caters for pedestrians and cyclists and is a strategic link for students of Mudgeeraba Creek State School offering improved pedestrian safety and greatly improved flood immunity.

The benefits to the local community include;

  • Improved pedestrian facilities for the local community and students from Mudgeeraba Creek Primary School.
  • Improved safety for all road users.
  • Greatly improved flood immunity for pedestrians.

Further information can be requested of the project manager, Matt Monkman, who can be contacted on 5667 3790

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