50 Days and 50 Ways – #47


Keep promoting Springbrook and the Hinterland as beautiful visitor destination

purling brook courtesy Amanda Rose TiceSpringbrook mountain is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, and it’s unique biodiversity is considered worthy of World Heritage listing significance. This is something we can be proud of as a city. While it comes with it’s prohibitive challenges at times, leveraging Springbrook mountain’s asset for the optimum environmental and economic outcome is a challenge I’ve tried to embrace since being elected in 2012. The guiding document is the “Springbrook Visioning Plan” which was a product of community consultation in 2011. I committed back in 2013 to keep driving this agenda for Springbrook and the Hinterland to take a more prominent role in marketing our city to domestic and global visitors.

This article in July 2015 shows that our work is coming to fruition, with 24% growth reported in visitor number between March and December 2014. New data will be available soon and it’s due to the great work of the Springbrook Chamber of Commerce, and local volunteers who help out at the Springbrook Visitors Centre, which I proudly opened on July 30, 2013. I gave a donation from our local budget to the chamber to run a fundraising event and this seed funding was returned with a profit (as well as an awesome little Vince Jones gig) and committed to establish a temporary centre in a more prominent location.

Opening of Springbrook Visitors CentreThe local community of Springbrook can be a divided bunch, with some very committed to environmentalism and others committed to their business or community, and perhaps a more pragmatic capitalist view of the purpose of the environment. The majority of residents sit in the middle and avoid the controversy if they can, but they all care deeply for the mountain and this is evident in their commitment to volunteering in local community groups, the wonderful patronage we’ve had at community events such as M-Fest, ANZAC Day, The Festival of Small Halls, Disaster Management information days hosted by the SES or Rural Fire Brigade, community meetings for the Springbrook Mountain Community Association, Wildlife and Flora tours run by the Springbrook Wildlife Appreciation Group, and the thriving arts/craft/cultural scene.

Over years we’ve provided funding to create the Explore Springbrook website, paid for the printing of brochures promoting the mountain, helped out the Springbrook Arts and Craft Society, supported the SES and Rural Fire Brigades, provided donations to the Springbrook Chamber of Commerce, the Springbrook Tennis Club, the Springbrook Mountain Community Association, hosted fundraisers with the Festival of Small Halls, and provided pedestrian infrastructure down Carricks Road and Forestry Road, in an attempt to create a loop link from the community facilities, camping areas, shops and Purling Brook bushwalks (we need the state government to finish the job along their road now). We’ve recently provided a site, and I worked with the Mayor to provide some seed funding for a business plan for a new Springbrook Men’s Shed, which I have no doubt will be an asset for the mountain. While the group behind the idea have some pretty specific ideas about how things should work out, I’m really glad we found the most appropriate location and are working to make it happen.

springbrook and griffithSome of these initiatives require collaboration with other parties, such as with Griffith University in a recent tourism study, or with Liquor Licensing when we supported local venues to build their businesses when they were seeking to provide those services for locals and tourists alike.

As an alternate director at Gold Coast Tourism, and a key influencer in the city’s technology and media industries, I’ve been meeting with relevant stakeholders since being elected and fighting for Springbrook to be better represented in our marketing material and promotional activity, and the results are now coming to life.

I’d love to continue this good work if I’m elected on March 19 and I encourage you to Vote 1 Tozer on that day.

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