50 Days and 50 Ways – #48


Finalise and implement the Highland Park Traffic Calming project

Not long after I was elected in 2012, as the end of the year approached, it became evident that members of the community really felt that nothing had been done for many years about the speed of cars and hooning in Highland Park. It would be fair to say that the people of that community were quite vocal about their frustration and we received a number of emails and our consultations in local parks revealed many concerns. With two primary schools in the Highland Park area, many mums and dads had concerns that the best planning had been considered to slow cars down.

A plan being being devised, starting with the good work of Senior Sargeant Peter Gordon and the Nerang police, who policed speeding and issued many infringements in 2012 and 2013 (noted in the Courier-Mail article attached). During this time, Council’s traffic management unit was tracking vehicle speed, reconfiguring signage and tracking hot spots for excessive speed and tracking number of cars on each of the main roads. We also implemented some stationary flashing signs temporarily, hoping that sensisble people would simply be alerted to their excessive speed and correct their behaviour. I acknowledge I believed this diligent work of police and council would be sufficient disincentive to hoons to slow their cars down in this area. But, perhaps strangely, the hooning and speeding continued.

We needed to get tough and apply some funding for a permanent solution. As 2014 drew to a close and negligible improvement had occurred with the enhanced signage and police presence, I budgeted $100,000 from the 2015/16 Division 9 Local Area Works allocation as the first instalment on a traffic calming project, proposing the introduction of speed humps, chicanes, traffic islands and raised intersections. One of our more experienced traffic engineers devised the plan according to the data we had collected over past years and proposed a solution (outlined in the picture below).

Highland Park LATM Proposal 1 October 2015

We took the plan to the William Duncan State School community fair to talk to residents about their thoughts and were met with excellent feedback, and some priorities to advance in 2016. The project will be completed over 2 or 3 years but this first allocation of funds should deliver the following in 2016;

  1. A raised intersection at Explorers Way
  2. 2 traffic islands along Explorers Way at priority locations
  3. A raised intersection or road hump near Worongary state school

In the 2016/17 budget I hope to prioritise the following with a similar allocation;

  1. A raised intersection at Hinkler and Barrine.
  2. A road hump on Kincaid
  3. A road hump near William Duncan State School

These priorities are flexible and we’re still really keen to hear feedback from residents. Our priority is getting the mix right for resident safety and delivering tangible outcomes when it comes to slowing traffic down in Highland Park.

Some of this work will commence soon, but there’s more to be done. To see this project through to completion, you need to Vote 1 Tozer on March 19. I’d love to keep working for you and finalising this project, doing our best to keep pedestrians and kids safe in Highland Park.

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