50 Days and 50 Ways – #49


Continue promoting and hosting Summertime Sessions in the Village

Tonight, our summer season of family picnics in the park with live music starts again, after a very successful inaugural year in 2015. Summertime Sessions in the Village was an idea I came up with to utilise the significant investment in Cuddihy Park and it’s previously rarely used performance stage. We partnered with experienced music promoter and videographer Polly Snowden, who has since been awarded Music Champion of the Year at the 2015 Gold Coast Music Awards and received the City of Gold Australia Day 2016 Cultural Achievement Award. Polly’s clients have included John Butler, The Cat Empire and Michael Franti, amongst many others.

As a council park, the public own these park assets and they tell me they expect their assets to be used and optimised for their enjoyment. Also, the community tells me that opportunities to get together informally, meet their neighbours and friends, and to chat to me about local issues regularly is important to them. They’re also really proud of our local parks and community and want opportunities to promote us to their friends and family who live elsewhere. The local business community have been supportive of events that activate the Village precinct. Over 100 guests generally attend every week and we’ve entertained up to 300 locals on occasion. Local businesses report increases trade on nights we’re in the park, and sometimes significant increases.

There are three objectives for Summertime Sessions in the Village, which we explain at every event;

  1. Activate a council park encouraging the community to get together and raise local issues with each otherssitv1, as well as enjoying time with family and friends in their local park. I attend, often with a council staff member, and chat to locals as well as MCing the event helping locals know what other activities and services are available in the area. Lots of locals approach me to let me know about their community group, their street, or their favourite local park, and work that needs to be done to improve these from time to time.
  1. Activate Mudgeeraba’s Friday night economy, encouraging local businesses who employ local staff to connect to local customers, hopefully building loyal clientele who help promote our local area to locals and visitors.
  1. Support and advocate for local musicians who are predominantly working on the Gold Coast and SEQ. My passion for our city to have a thriving cultural scene is strong, and I’m committed to us leading by example, starting with me personally. Locals have told me they agree, wanting to share with their family and friends the excellent talent of our city proudly. Many of these musicians play their music late at night, preventing many young families from being able to experience them in person. The musicians get new fans they may never have connected with otherwise, sell a CD or two, and the community get to enjoy local live music and a picnic safely.

Events I’ve championed like Summertime Sessions in the Village are supported by the community, they promote local social, cultural and economic initiatives, and you can expect it, and others like it, to continue into the next 4 years if you Vote 1 for Tozer on March 19.

Of course, whoever you want to vote for, you’re welcome to join us on Friday nights from 530pm in Cuddihy Park (or if it’s raining, the historic Wallaby Hotel) starting tonight (29th January).


Glenn Tozer is what every community needs… a man of integrity, vision, and the commUNITY at the heart of it – Polly Snowden

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