50 Days and 50 Ways – the rest… #18 to #1

Our 50 Days and 50 Ways campaign is running out of time. It seemed a great idea to come up with 50 reasons but considering we are now 7 days out and there 18 left I want to at least summarise the remaining list for residents. The reality of my workload is that these have all been prepared but I may not get to blog about every one in much detail before election day. That’s the challenge of running an independent campaign. I’ll expand on all of them as the weeks go by after the election.

Here is the full list of the remaining 18 commitments for the coming term;

#18 – Continue supporting the Bleach* Festival in the Hinterland which has been a great success in 2015 and 2016.

bleach 2016

Bleach* Festival 2016 – Picnic in the Park (photo courtesy of Casey Barnes)

#17 – Deliver a solution for equestrian in the hinterland

#16 – Deliver new fenced off-leash dog parks and enhance an existing park

movie in the park

A recent Movie in the Park held as a fundraiser for Mudgeeraba Creek State School P & C

#15 – Deliver our community consultation from 2016-2020 at Movies in the Park


The new Gilston centre proposed that includes a small IGA and a playground as well as cafes and shops

#14 – Deliver the Firth Park 10 year Strategic Plan – connecting roads, working group, collaboration between groups

#13 – Support the application for the proposed Gilston shops and family playground carefully considering pedestrian access, amenity for residents, and convenience for local families.

#12 – Expand our active and healthy programs after school at Worongary and William Duncan State Schools

#11 – Support commencement and delivery of Pacific View Estate

#10 – Deliver a practical calendar of events reference for locals

#9 – Deliver the Mudgeeraba Showgrounds Usage Optimisation Project in consultation with MSS, MPHC and MLH

#8 – Consult the community on “Investigation areas” for a city plan amendment

#7 – Deliver the new Mudgeeraba Soccer Club Indoor Training Centre

#6 – Deliver a BMX facility in Mudgeeraba

#5 – Support a Community Garden Project in conjunction with Mudgeeraba Special School

#4 – Support and enable the Mudgeeraba Lighthorse Museum schools program and tourism strategy


#3 – Deliver bus stop shelters at high volume unshaded stops

#2 – Activate Numinbah Valley for fitness events like the successful “Raw Challenge”

#1 – Continue to activate Mudgeeraba Village and surrounds with NEW unique events, drawing attention to it from around the city and surrounding areas

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