50 Days and 50 Ways

With 50 days to the upcoming Queensland local government elections, it’s time to take the commentary locals have heard me communicating for four years now at public events, on my Facebook page, and in correspondence and distill it into a plan for the coming 4 years, until 2020. “50 Days and 50 Ways” will be exactly that: 50 ways we can make Division 9 and the city better. We’ve already started implementing some of these ideas, and we’re building on the established momentum of others.

I’m going to outline these ideas each day for the next 50 days, as we approach the election on March 19th. They’re not in any order of priority (that is, #50 isn’t necessarily more important than #1) but they cover a variety of social, economic, environmental, and community initiatives that residents of Division 9 have told me matter to them. We’ll also be talking about and celebrating the success thus far, and focussing local community champions my office has helped enable to be successful.

So without further ado…


Keep focused on accessible, approachable and transparent local government.

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I wanted to put this one first because it’s been the number one action locals have said they expect of me, when we chat. They tell me they want an approachable Councillor, someone who’ll make time to meet with them, stop in the street for a chat, attend local events, and share our wins and challenges together. They say they want someone who’ll explain the work of Council, help them find solutions to issues, and connect them with others who share their plans and can help them realise their goals. Residents say that was lacking in the past and they’re glad I’m representing them.

If the issue is as simple as repairing a pothole, a pathway, or a playground they want swift action and to be kept informed. If the issue is more complex they seek empathy and reasoned explanations, and an acknowledgement if more time is needed. We’ve tried our best to deliver this every time an issue has arisen. I know many have commented on how helpful Helen is in my office, or Donna-Maree and Michelle who work with community groups, and the reason for this is they believe like me that government should be like that. We set the tone for the office with an accessible, helpful, and approachable attitude, allocate funding accordingly, and this is what the community expect. This is what I expect from my local representatives and I want to be a Councillor who I’d vote for!

My work promoting Open Data policy and actions for our local government, my transparency and accessibility on facebook and social media, and what has been the most consistent and extensive divisional community consultation program, face to face in local parks and local events over the past 4 years, demonstrate my commitment to being the kind of Councillor local residents expect.

I’d love to continue serving the city at least until 2020 and hope that on March 19, you’ll Vote 1 – Tozer.

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