50 Ways and 50 Days – #21


Deliver on our strategic pathway network plan

In 2013/2014, it was identified a strategic pathway plan had never been delivered for the local area. This meant that under the previous Council no planning had occurred to strategically assess pathway priorities, network gaps or consider the impact of new developments and impose upon developers obligations to help improve networks relevant to their subdivisions. This also meant that adequate budgeting could not really occur and delivery of infrastructure was dependent on the discretion of the local Councillor, sometimes without transparency, meaning certain projects could be prioritised without accountability. This, in itself, isn’t a problem but the community want to be informed and also want to scrutinise the decisions of their local representatives.

In October 2014 this was remedied, with the Active Transport Network – Division 9 Pathway Plan delivered.

pathway Div9

The Plan incorporated a map of the existing and proposed pathway network, enabling my office to peruse the plan and prioritise connections in consultation with traffic and pedestrian network engineers.

An example of this is the delivery of the Gunsynd Drive pathway, which was a project sought by a number of residents who wanted a complete connecting network around Hinterland Regional Park, out to Somerset Drive. The traffic had been monitored as moving quite quickly at times down Gunsynd Drive and the safety improvements as a result of the construction was appreciated by several residents. the project has also been the subject of some criticism from certain residents suggesting an inordinate increase in flow of water onto their property and reduced privacy from the road. Unfortunately, the easements in front of properties are for deliveries of pathway networks and these issues were found to be unsubstantiated by engineers. Other projects delivered included;

  • The duplication of path along Franklin Drive, connecting McLachlan Drive residents to the lights where safe crossing can occur on the way to Mudgeeraba
  • New paths connecting church parking assets on Mudgeeraba Rd to the Mudgeeraba Showgrounds for major events
  • Wallaby Drive pathway, improving access to St Benedicts Catholic Church during hosted events and improving road safety in blind corners
  • Tallai Road pathway connecting the General Store to the childcare centres
  • Hinkler Drive road widening and barriers to improve access from Alkira Park to Le Vintage on San Fernando.

Six key priorities pathway priorities for the coming term include;

  1. GILSTON – A connecting pathwaypathway Gilston from Longhill Rise through to the existing pathway just past Evanita Drive on Gilston Road, connecting students by pedestrian and bicycle access to Gilston State School, hopefully reducing traffic congestion
  2. GILSTON – A connected network of pathways and cycleways from Worley Drive to Longhill Rise, enabling residents to access the school and other residents to connect to the small new local shopping cnetre planned.
  3. MUDGEERABA – A pedestrian and bicycle connection from Emerson Drive to Wyangan Valley Way over the gulley, connecting students from Aspect on Tolga Road to Clover Hill State School, hopefully reducing traffic congestion on Clover Hill Drive
  4. MUDGEERABApathway firthdirect pedestrian connection between Firth Park and Bell Place, faciliating an economic impact of convenient access to shopping for the thousands of netballers and footballers who play during the season
  5. BONOGIN – improving a network of smaller pathways between the shops and bus stops, and parks and bus stops, to improve safety and network connectivity
  6. HIGHLAND PARK – improved pathway infrastructure in a series of locations where previous councils or developers delivered pathways in a non-compliant manner (according to today’s legislation), and improved disability access need to be delivered or gradients changed for accessibility reasons

This is just the start and the Pathway Plan is available for everyone to read. You should Vote 1 Tozer on March 19 to ensure that strategic planning continues and pathway infrastructure is delivered according to the community need.

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