Major projects we are pursuing for our division include

  • Equestrian Facilities
  • Accommodation infrastructure under 5 minutes drive from Mudgeeraba Village
  • An emerging reputation as destination for cultural events
  • Tourism infrastructure to build visitor numbers to our local businesses and the greater Gold Coast
  • Implementing the recommendations of the Springbrook Visioning Plan
  • Reviewing the Local Area Plans for Springbrook and Mudgeeraba
  • Private/Public partnerships to deliver community facilities for local groups
  • An annual calendar of events for our area
  • A world-class Science and Technology Centre for the city

The below relate to projects or issues for each area we are working on


  • Review flood mitigation strategies to protect the sporting fields used by Little Athletics, Rugby League and Baseball teams
  • Enable Mudgeeraba Soccer Club to grow by optimising field use and delivering a new indoor training facility
  • Ensure development in the area is progressive for the sake of improving local business revenue whilst retaining the theme and country atmosphere Mudgeeraba is famous for
  • Two groups in the area are delivering food parcels to needy families on a reasonably regular basis. Look for ways to partner with them to better serve these residents in need
  • Regularly attend and promote the Mudgeeraba Sunset Market as a community get together opportunity. Look for ways to improve the facilities to mitigate flooding issues during the wet season where feasible.
  • Grow the Summertime Sessions in the Village concept to a point where the business community sees value in supporting financially
  • Plan for amenity improvements to the approach to Mudgeeraba Village form the north and the south.
  • Continue our close relationship with Ros Bates MP, State Member for Mudgeeraba


  • Improve signage in the township, for businesses and for tourists & visitors
  • Review and consult on sustainable tourism options, taking into current infrastructure, the World Heritage listed park areas, and diverse environment
  • Look at ways we can reduce bureaucracy and red tape to allow low impact businesses to operate tourism or other business to stimulate the Springbrook economy
  • Work closely with the state government for better road safety and transport options
  • Support the Chamber of Commerce and work together to promote their website

Highland Park

  • Work closely with state government and local police to find ways to reduce vehicle hooning and crime in the area
  • Several pavements and paths need attention in the area
  • Promote and fund programs to get kids active after school and build a sense of community in the area
  • Continue strong relationship with Sid Cramp MP, State member for Gaven


  • Monitor the Pacific View Estate project closely. Based on the current preliminary plan approved by Council 3500 homes are expected and I’m concerned the plans do not include sufficient infrastructure and services to serve these new residents to the area. I’m assured as the plans develop these services and infrastructure will become evident but working closely with the new LNP state government and monitoring the development will be essential for an appropriate outcome for residents in nearby Worongary and Highland Park.
  • Work with State government closely regarding the potential changes to Elysium Drive and rail options on the opposite side of the highway to reduce road congestion for local residents.


  • Road safety is an issue in the area. If Worongary Road is to be “demained” we need to work for an appropriate financial outcome for the city as well as drastically improve visibility and safety.
  • Safe paths around the Gilston school are now a critical priority.
  • Deliver a small town centre solution, and attract investment for a petrol station
  • Deliver a playground suitable for the local community


  • Show support for the Bonogin Valley Community Associations successful grant application for the improvement of community facilities at Davenport Park.
  • Explore public options for horse owners and riders in the area
  • Improve the road and pedestrian safety around Bonogin General Store
  • Connect up missing links in the local pathway netowrk

Lower Beechmont

  • Road Safety signs could improve the behaviour of road users in the area.
  • Work closely with state government as a solution is sought for the issues with Beechmont road.
  • Promote Lower Beechmont as a tourist destination
  • Work with BRASA to develop nature play options at Syd Duncan park

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