Gold Coast City Council criticises hardworking Bonogin community group

Hi all,

Today I’ve become aware of a letter sent from Gold Coast City Council to Bonogin residents regarding the Bonogin Valley Community Association (BVCA) and local parks in Bonogin. Some of what was said is verifiably untrue and the BVCA is seeking legal advice on the matter.

However, it does look as though the first personally addressed resident letter received from the incumbent councillor for some 3 years attempts to bring the hardworking volunteers of the BVCA, both past and present, into disrepute. What a shame. It also remains unclear whether the Gold Coast ratepayer is footing the bill for this “informative” letter targeted toward the sitting Councillors’ only election opponent.

With only 90 days to the Gold Coast City Council election, residents can be sure that any response will be funded from my own families campaign contributions, unless Council decides to deliver a retraction. I doubt they will.

BVCA volunteers and supporters will now be working in their free time to work out how to respond appropriately.

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