“Leaders we love” at Mudgeeraba State School’s 2019 Leadership Ceremony

Today I had the honour of addressing the new school leaders at Mudgeeraba State School in a ceremony as they were awarded their leadership badges.MSS 1

I talked to the young people briefly about what can make us “Leaders we love”.

There are three #leadership qualities I focussed on during my speech;

1. We love leaders who “tell the truth, with kindness

– It’s sometimes easy to tell the truth (when it’s obvious) and sometimes it’s hard (when we’ve made a mistake or people we care about have, or there’s something to lose). But whenever we deliver “a truth bomb”, we should do it with humility, kindness and compassion. Leaders we love do that well.

2. We love leaders who “are encouragers”

– It’s easy to identify the fastest runners, or the fastest swimmers, or the smartest kid in class, or the best dancer (sometimes). The best leaders not only recognise these high performers but they also find ways to encourage everyone, unique to their own skills and effort. Leaders we love are great encouragers..

3. We love leaders who “lead by serving”

– Sometimes when you’re leader you forget to get your hands dirty with a project or be active in the community you are looking after. And sometimes we just don’t feel like it. But the community loves a leader who walks with everyone, participates in the work of community, and leads as part of the whole group, serving all the members of the group.

Mudgeeraba State School already has some great young leaders and there is no doubt that this year they will carry on the 127 year history of the school with honour and integrity. Well done to Principal Lindi Chapman and her team of excellent teachers.

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