My Commitments to Mudgeeraba and the Gold Coast

My Commitments to Mudgeeraba and the Gold Coast

This Christmas holidays I’ve been out and about chatting to Mudgeeraba residents and a common question has been “What’s different about you as a politician, Glenn… what do you stand for?”

I love this question.

You, the resident, want someone who’ll listen. Someone who’ll meet with you and discuss the issues that relate to your street, your suburb and your city. You also want a Councillor who will include you in the decision making for our area, not just make up policy on the run.

And so, these commitments summarise my focus for Division 9. Of course, there’s a lot more to policy than simply 6 bullet points. Over the coming months I’ll be meeting with residents in their homes and on their streets to hear their thoughts on what makes a good government for Mudgeeraba and the Gold Coast. Already you’ve been letting me know and I’ve got my own list of changes I’d like to make based on our challenging experiences working with local government from Bonogin.

One final thing I’d add, it’s critical residents have a commitment from their Councillor to return phonecalls and correspondence in a timely manner. Even if there isn’t an immediate solution, a common courtesy of acknowledging the issue and setting aside time to discuss the matter further is essential. 72 hours, or three business days makes sense for a busy Council like the Gold Coast. Mudgeeraba and Hinterland residents can be assured they’ll have this from me, should i be elected.

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