The plans for the community are evolving but in my talks with residents there have been overarching principles that have been lacking that need to be addressed as a local Councillor.

My commitments to Division 9 residents can be summarized below;

1. Better Communication
– My 72 hour response guarantee.

If I receive a letter, email or phone call, I commit to respond within 72 hours. Although I can’t be sure I’ll have an immediate solution, I think it’s a matter of respect toward those who elected me to politely acknowledge their correspondence within a reasonable timeframe.

f you’ve contacted me on behalf of a community group, it’s protocol for me to respond directly to a member of the executive (the President or Secretary, generally), and I trust that the designated person will communicate our dialogue, or relevant conclusions, to the membership of the community group or relevant individuals on my behalf in due course.

2. Better Community Consultation

I believe the community needs to “own” the division. The strategic vision and issues of the division needs to be discussed in public, not behind closed doors. I am committed to involving and collaborating with all the community as the area grows and we need innovative ideas and solutions to keep Division 9 the best place to live.

3. A Transparent and Open Government
– Accessible and Collaborative

The Gold Coast, and Australia, needs to move toward greater accessibility to government. The government has become so bureaucratic that the people, who the government works for, are sometimes unable to easily access the information necessary to keep representatives accountable. This must change. Residents of Division 9 can be assured that when it comes to Gold Coast City Council waste, Gold Coast City Council expenditure, and divisional budgets, my policy will be working for openness and collaborative problem-solving. This includes working to reduce red tape for small businesses and trades.

4. Protecting our environment and community
– Finding the balance between growth and preservation

Residents live in Division 9 for good reason. It is a most beautiful Hinterland, has retained a country feel & culture and is known for a serenity and peace uncommon in other parts of the Gold Coast. Protecting this must be our priority. Our urban planning and economic objectives (which do remain critically important) should be governed by focus on preserving the reasons why our residents live here in the first place.

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