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There are a number of big issues and major projects on the minds of Gold Coasters that affect our broader city. My position on some of these issues is below. This list should be considered fluid and will change as current issues evolve.

Cruise Ship Terminal

I have been supportive of exploring once and for all whether a terminal is viable for the Gold Coast. Significant information exists suggesting considerable constraints on the delivery of such a project. I’m personally skeptical as to whether the commercial viability and necessary logistical outcomes could be delivered in a beach city with over 70kms of sand moving up and down the coastline but am willing to explore potential options if it means delivering certainty to residents about the potential of such a project. Frankly, there seem to be much better options for both public investment and commercial investment in the city’s economy.

There is reasonable volume of support for and against the concept from residents in Division 9.

This article explores my most recent position.


I’m opposed to a significant increase in electronic gaming machines in the City of Gold Coast local government area. I’m not opposed to person-to-person games of skill being available for entertainment in a gambling establishment, although I have a personal view generally critical of gambling. I’m of the view that online gambling best delivers the automated experience some people seek, that this experience can be very damaging to families and communities, and that governments should not be actively seeking to deliver these sort of entertainment outcomes in our cities, instead seeking development that better builds community and social cohesion, and better entertains and engages the tourist.

Cableways in Springbrook or the Hinterland

I am generally opposed to the concept of a Cableway on the grounds that it is not unique, innovative or commercially viable in our predominantly eucalypt bushland approaching World Heritage-listed natural areas. I have grave concerns about the bushfire risk for such a project, and the necessary clearing that would have to occur to mitigate such a risk.

Cultural Centre at Evandale (known as HOTA)

I’ve been supportive of the diversification of our tourism infrastructure on the Gold Coast and the concept of a Arts & Cultural precinct, distinctly Gold Coast in character, appealed to me. I am impressed with the ARM Architecture winning entry and believe it has the capacity to deliver an awesome family experience, connecting the everyday visitor to our city who may not consider an art gallery visit in their schedule to an experience not anticipated. I’m also supportive of open event spaces to build cultural and artistic momentum in the city as we approach the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The project as constructed, including the stage and multi-level gallery, has my full support.

Gold Coast Light Rail

The success of Light Rail has been well documented. I’m supportive of connecting the Light Rail to the airport, along the coastline, and then eventually along western routes to Metricon Stadium, CBus Stadium, Robina Town Centre, Robina Hospital, Robina City Parklands, and Bond University.

The Oceanway

I’m supportive of a connected network of pedestrian and bike paths the length of our coast, north to south, as a convenient mode of transport for locals and a feature of our tourism infrastructure.

Commercial activity on the Beach

I’m not opposed to exploring ways we could generate revenue as a city, to mitigate pressure on ratepayers, by delivering services on our beaches. This could includebut is not limited to, food and beverage services, beach accessory hire, personal fitness training, live music and entertainment events, and exclusive access for privatefunctions under certain circumstances in certain locations.

Commercial activity in Parks

I’m supportive of regulation of commercial activity in parks, including personal fitness training, in order to better enforce collegiate use by the public and entities promoting health and fitness. The public should have access to parks and related infrastructure in the knowledge that they can report commercial entities for activity that effectively constrains their reasonable use.

Development on the Spit

The area north of Main Beach and south of Sea World has been designated for many years as an area suitable for tourism and recreation. I’m generally supportive of development in this area only, and would entertain the idea of a continuation of the planning provisions that exist in Main Beach into this precinct.

The area north of Sea World is primarily public open space used for recreational activity, as well as area that has environmental significance, and I’m inclined to retain it as it is currently used, without development impact. I’m supportive of a masterplan for the Broadwater that considers appropriate land uses throughout the area.

Gold Coast Convention Centre

The Convention Centre represents the key piece of infrastructure that attracts business travel to the Gold Coast, a critical part of our tourism economy. Expanding the centre might be considered the single greatest investment we could make in growing this valuable sector of the economy. There is no doubt conference guests love coming to the Gold Coast for events and we need to compete in a global marketplace for this business. Accordingly our facilities need to be world-class.

Gold Coast Dive Attraction

A Dive Attraction for the city has the capacity to grow tourism by more than $30million of the first ten years operation. I’m fully supportive of it’s delivery, partially funded by Council.

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