Reviewing our election promises after 12 months

Twelve months have come and gone since the election so I think it’s time to review a few of our election commitments and assess how we’re tracking. 

“Quarterly Community Meetings”

We’ve held 9 street meets in the past 12 months, either driving the event ourselves or piggy-backing other community events and being available for the community to let us know what they think. The results of these consultations will be mailed out to residents for their feedback in the coming months. Over 9000 residents attended the events we held or were a part of so we’re really proud to have delivered soundly on this promise to be better listeners. This year, you can expect this program will continue and we’ve funded the provision of a Community Development Officer in light of this key priority relayed to me by residents.

“Establish a customer charter”

Our commitment to 72 hour acknowledgement has been a challenge. Although most emails, phone calls and facebook posts achieve this target, there are times where the sheer volume of correspondence we receive makes it very difficult to respond within 72 hours. Nevertheless this is an area of opportunity for us and we remain committed to lifting our achievement of this target to 100% from where it currently sits around 85% of the time. 

“Publish Divisional Budgets and Voting Decisions”

The proposed divisional budget for 13/14 was published on facebook, twitter and on my blog earlier in May and I plan to publish the spending for the past 12 months once this financial year comes to an end. I’ve commenced discussions with a few in the IT sector about an easy to access computer program that can track the voting decisions of this Council and previous Councils, so interested residents can easily access the information.

“Promote and Protect Mudgeeraba Village”

Our 2013 Mudgeeraba Street Party was a great success with over 5000 guests to the village and our postcard project, promoting our area around the world is not far from delivery. The Planning Scheme is being reviewed and retention of the village atmosphere from a planning perspective is already on the agenda.

“Look for cost savings in Council Administration”

With the 13/14 budget process drawing to a close, a report on this first full budget will be forthcoming identifying savings and efficiencies I’ve helped deliver with the Council.

 “Work with State Government on Worongary Rd”

Negotiations are underway for the transfer of Worongary Rd from State Government ownership to Council, and I’m keen to see a good result for the ratepayer, both financially and ultimately improving safety. We can’t do this without appropriate funding from the State Government for that road.

“Improve Road Safety and visibility in Highland Park”

Several road safety tracking exercises have occurred in this area and close liaison with the Police is seeing gradual improvements, although less than I had hoped. This is a key priority for 13/14.

“Install Bench Seats in all playgrounds where needed”

Ten Bench seats were funded for parks without suitable seating for mums and carers of small children and installation should be complete by the end of July.

 “Best outcomes for Pacific View Estate”

The preliminary approval application has not been assessed yet but good relationships are being formed that will deliver these optimal outcomes for residents in the area, for community infrastructure, open space, urban planning, and transport.

“Raise average spend of Springbrook visitor from $6 to $12 and develop the “Village Hub” concept”

Council is working closely with Springbrook groups and tourism operators to deliver these outcomes.

“Review Traffic Planning at Clover Hill Estate”

New traffic arrangements have commenced at Clover Hill Estate, with the installation of pedestrian safety barriers on Somerset Drive, flashing lights for the extended school zone, and changes in parking and traffic flow that should assist drivers entering and exiting. Lately, we received the following comment from a key stakeholder in the area;

Thanks Glenn, the traffic calming has worked wonders and I hope the fence will do so as well – Craig

“Review paths and pedestrian access to Mudgeeraba Village from surrounds”

A comprehensive pathway plan is in being developed, but paths along Franklin Drive, Mudgeeraba Rd, Tallai Rd have all been improved or installed in the Mudgeeraba Village precinct.


As you can see, we’re well on track to delivering those simple changes we promised during the election campaign. Further, plans for equestrian facilities, accommodation and events to fill our community calendar are developing as well, at different rates of progress, but are well in hand.

I’m so excited about the future of our beautiful region and I can’t wait to see what the coming year holds.

As always, please contact my office on 5581 1883 for any queries, or drop to see us at 4 Swan Lane, Mudgeeraba, on a Tuesday morning.

election promises

Our “Priorities and Policies” letter sent to Division 9 residents during the election campaign

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