Young community leader from Bonogin to challenge incumbent in Division 9

Glenn Tozer, President of the Bonogin Valley Community Association, has responded to challenges from the media and support from his community declaring his intention to contest the Gold Coast City Council election in March 2012.

“I’m convinced Gold Coast City Council needs a fresh approach. I was challenged by the Gold Coast Bulletin’s editorial some weeks back, imploring young professionals to put up their hands for Council candidacy.”

“Mudgeeraba and the Hinterland is a unique area on the Gold Coast, with many young families, a significant rural community and a considerable number of small businesses. We’ve got a substantial number of seniors who are active in community groups. I believe a person with my diverse experience and fresh approach can really make a difference, both in Division 9 and at a city level”

Glenn has volunteered with Bonogin Valley Community Association for over 3 years, successfully petitioning local council and state government to improve parks and roads in the area whilst maintaining the serene environment of the semi-rural suburbs.

“It’s a struggle at times. And it seems around election time is the only time we seem to gain any significant attention from Council. That’s frustrating for the residents I work for.”

Glenn’s corporate background has seen him spend the last ten years in the advertising industry, working with small businesses to maximise their value for money. Most recently he’s been managing a number of government advertising campaigns in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

“I understand some of the challenges facing small businesses both in Mudgeeraba and the Hinterland, and in the greater Gold Coast. I’m convinced a better focus can be applied in Council to making things easier for owners to keep costs to a minimum and find ways to grow their businesses.”

Glenn is a director of Juice Media Ltd, the registered charity that operates Juice1073 Good Taste Radio on the Gold Coast, and the Australian Wagyu Association, which is a cattle breed society representing farmers in Australia.

“I’m proud of the way Juice1073 works in the community and on the radio to make a positive difference in the lives of people on the Gold Coast and resource parents trying to create a good family environment. And small farms are a valuable and unique part of Division 9. Voters can expect I’ll also be keeping the interest of farmers at heart when it comes to decisions affecting them in Council”

With the Council election just around the corner, and a sentiment for change seeming strong in the commmunity, the stage is set for a compelling contest in Division 9.

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