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I have a great deal of respect for Mark Willacy's Walkley Award winning journalism, and particularly his work on the Iraq war and Japan. When he called regarding a story on the Gold Coast, I agreed to chat on the basis I was able to speak not just about controversy, but the great things that are happening in our city.

I spent a few hours with Mark and his team several weeks ago, and I don't know what will air tonight after the editing is done. I hope some of my commentary about our thriving economy and post-Games opportunities will be part of the broadcast.

If you're tuning into Four Corners at 830pm tonight, and you have questions for me, please post them here. As I have been since 2012 when I was elected, you can expect transparency and respectful debate here on Facebook. Any posts containing profanity or content that might be considered defamatory will be deleted. I've only banned 6 people in 5 years (for repeated profanity or Police matters). Please be professional (or clever) about your posts.

Respectfully, I will not answer questions about the conduct of other Councillors, all of whom I expect will remain my colleagues until 2020, based on my observations of their decisions in the context of the Local Government Act (and despite our differences of opinion).

If you have official complaints, the Dept of Local Government is probably the best independent arbiter of such.
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